I’m an illustrator and painter mostly based in London, and sometimes Geneva. Otherwise you can likely  find me somewhere in Europe, visiting friends, from my school days in Brussels, now scattered across the continent.

Self-taught, my expertise lies in watercolour, which I favour for my illustration and floral works, as well as acrylics for larger, abstract works. In truth, I’ll turn my hand to almost anything if the subject or mode interests me, and often find ways to dabble in anything from line drawing and sticker making to large-scale experiments in colour and texture. Though eclectic in style, my work is characterised by bold colours and thick, over-layered textures.

I am personally very invested in making art accessible, both to experience and to make. This is why I share a lot about my process and practice on social media (@camillatrizio).

Growing up with depression, art became a lifeline in my darkest times. Through my illustrations I have found a way to reconcile my creativity and mental health advocacy — notably with ‘Mental Health Mondays’, a project I started on Instagram in 2019. Sharing my story openly, and advocating for mental health, are very important to me –  my artistic journey having played a huge part in my own recovery.

In addition to my own ideas and projects, an important focus in my creative life is working with and for others to help realise them their visions. You can find examples of past collaborations in the work section on this site, under client projects. For commission enquiries, you can check out my shop or contact me via this page.

When not creating, you might spot me skating the streets of London, working and studying as a nutritionist at King’s College, or advocating online against weight stigma and diet culture.

If you have any questions (or just want to say hi!), feel free to drop me a line in the contact box below — I can respond to French, Italian, English, or Spanish.  For anything else, there’s Google Translate!