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I chose Camilla to design my logo as I’ve admired her art for a long time, and despite not knowing exactly what I wanted, I was certain I needed her involvement. The process itself was so smooth, as she’s extremely responsive to any feedback and can somehow always visualise how best to combine your brand with your personality to create the final look. The final draft of the design was touched up with only one suggestion. Everyone I showed it to absolutely loved it – that’s how I was even more certain I had made the right choice enlisting her services. I’m so happy with the end result and get a lof compliments on it, so I  plan on commissioning more work as my business grows.

founder, all the d*mn joy

When I launched my business (Craffiti), organizing art workshops to promote creativity, Camilla was one of the first people I thought of to help. Together, we organized a floral ink drawing workshop in March, which Camilla taught. Even though the workshop was given online, Camilla was highly professional in her structure and the tools she used. Attendees’ feedback was very positive, they appreciated her pedagogy and caring. We scheduled a second workshop together on “Abstract acrylic” techniques, and I can’t wait!

founder, craffiti

I got in touch with Camilla regarding the artwork of an upcoming song of mine. A mutual friend had introduced me to her art and I immediately became a fan. Camilla was incredibly friendly and very quick at replying to my messages. The sketches she came up with were outstanding and she fully respected my wishes and ideas. The communication worked very well and before I knew it, she had already come up with the finished artwork. My experience was 10/10 and I am super excited to work with her again in the future!

nathaniel cartier
singer, musician, songwriter

We would like to thank Camilla, the irreplaceable artist who drew the illustration for our wedding invites and the homepage of our website. Camilla indulged all our wishes (eg. the insertion of our cat, Sibilla, in the illustration), working with our feedback to create a wonderful watercolour illustration that accurately and completely depicts our family.

Gaia & tommaso
custom illustration clients