In our fast paced world, it can be hard as adults to find the time, courage and guidance to (re)connect with our creativity. This is why Craffiti was founded in 2020, with the mission is to offer a safe place for adults to engage in creative endeavours.

Like myself, the founders  believe that art and creating are deeply therapeutic and essential human experiences –  as such they are committed to offer accessible and available workshops to all. These can be attended as one-off lessons of 2 hours, and encompass a large range of creative activities, from painting to sewing and crafting your own domestic supplies.

Craffiti organise in-person workshops for adults in Brussels, but also online workshops during the pandemic. In February 2021, I joined the Craffiti team as a teacher for online workshops. Since, I have held ink line drawing and ink and watercolour workshops for adult of all levels. All workshops were delivered in French and lasted between 1.5 hours and 2 hours.

When I launched my business (Craffiti), organizing art workshops to promote creativity, Camilla was one of the first people I thought of to help me with it. Together, we organized a floral ink drawing workshop in March, which Camilla taught. Even though the workshop was given online, Camilla was highly professional in her structure and the tools she used. Attendees’ feedback was very positive, they appreciated her pedagogy and caring. We already scheduled more workshops together, including ‘Ink and watercolour drawing’ and ‘Abstract acrylic techniques’, and I can’t wait!

Ceo & Founder, CRAFFFITI