CAM x nathaniel cartier

single cover art

“back to you”

by nathaniel


Nathaniel is a singer/songwriter and musician who was  looking for up-and-coming artists to design the art work for his songs. “Back to you” was one of these songs, and I got to listen to it in its early stages. I spent a lot of time listening to it and then writing and sketching out what it evoked for me. I selected a few of my ideas and talked them out with Nathaniel. Together we settled for the design above, which was a personal favourite. From there, I worked on colour palettes that I submitted to Nathaniel, trying to match the feelings evoked by the song. I strived to recreate the dreamy, floaty, and somewhat nostalgic atmosphere I had felt immersed in when first listening to the song. Once we  picked the final colours, we tried out a versions of the design (with and without title, with and without Nathaniel’s signature), and finally settled on the above. 

I got in touch with Camilla regarding the artwork of an upcoming song of mine. A mutual friend had introduced me to her art and I immediately became a fan. Camilla was incredibly friendly and very quick at replying to my messages. The sketches she came up with were outstanding and she fully respected my wishes and ideas. The communication worked very well and before I knew it, she had already come up with the finished artwork. My experience was 10/10 and I am super excited to work with her again in the future!